Know How

Q?What’s the story?

Exposure Communications started 15 years ago as an agency dedicated to helping exhibitors get better results at trade shows. Very quickly it was the organisers, venues and suppliers who became our clients. We launched and sold a few of our own trade shows including; Exhibiting Show, London Venue Expo and Energy Solutions Expo. We’ve also launched a few that never worked (we’ll tell you about them over a beer).

We’ve evolved into a communications agency with strong interests in the worlds of events, sport, B2B and entrepreneurship.

Q?Who are your clients?

Our clients have included some of the biggest and most recognisable names in the world of events. We recently helped launch Freeman into the UK and over the years we’ve worked with clients including: Arena Group,  NEC, Nomadic Display, Octanorm, i2i Group, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Abex Display, Fish Technology, Blondefish, Expocms and Beautiful Minds.

In the sporting world projects and clients include Arsenal FC, Football Business Awards, Silverstone Race Circuits, Freestyle Football Federation, Dodgeball UK and International Sport Business Congress.

Q?How do you work?

We’re very focused on outcomes. What are your objectives? What’s the best way to deliver on them and connect your people and your business firmly with the market. All projects are different and are solutions reflect that. We’re creative and imaginative and we don’t believe in cracking nuts with sledgehammers.

Typically we’ll spend some time getting to know you and scoping out some ideas collectively before we come back with a proposal. Sometimes we suggest “one-off” projects, sometimes longer term solutions.

Q?What markets do you work in?

Our core expertise covers B2B, sport, entrepreneurship and events. But we’ve worked with clients in a huge variety of sectors and industries. We are all about success. If we’re not the right agency for you we’ll tell you.

Q?Can we just meet to pick your brains?

We’re not joking – we get asked if people can “pick our brains” all the time. Which suggests that there’s something there worth picking at! Some people just want to bounce an idea around to see if we can help shape it or to see if we know someone who’d be interested in investing in it. Occasionally people want career advice or some quick insight on a new idea or marketing an event.

We’re delighted that we can help and we’re delighted our advice is seen as being valuable. Which is why we attach a value to it. Give us a call to discuss in more detail exactly how much of our insight, time and contacts you need.

Q?What other services do you offer besides PR?

In the modern world every brand and business needs to think and act like a media owner. At Exposure we are focussed on outcomes for our clients rather than processes. If branding, or digital marketing or an event or social media (or all of the above) is the right answer then that’s what we’ll recommend. We offer a full suite of marketing services including branding, website design and build, video production, print management, social media management and consultancy.