John Warran Darwin Press

I have worked with Exposure for more than 20 years. During this time they have proved to be an inspiration. An endless supply of great ideas,problem solving and a relentless passion for making business succeed. They are dynamic and will transform your business. Thoroughly recommended.


Laura Moody CEO, Blondefish

Smart, sharp, insightful and fun; Exposure Communications are great to work with. They have been part of the Blondefish journey since the beginning, providing a unique blend of creativity and execution. We think of them as a PR agency but they do much more. Whether it’s big picture thinking, ideas generation or just knowing who’s who and making the connections, they are the perfect partners. I can’t imagine not working with them.

Peter Springett Content Editor, Capco

Exposure Communications are one of the most energetic and dedicated teams you are likely to work with. Their innovative and visionary approach to the exhibition industry, has earned them the reputation of thought leaders in this sector.