What's the Big Idea?

The Eyes Have It

Those of us who work in the event industry are constantly seeking new ways to evangelise about the power of live marketing. And although I am generally resistant to clichés, in this endeavour, the notion that “a picture is worth a thousand words” contains a profound truth. The above image “Lift me up" by photographer more

Flying the Flag for Global Exhibitions Day

Whatever kind of event professional you are the Global Exhibitions Day initiative is a campaign you should lend your support to. Exhibitions represent one of the most international sectors of our industry and one which is in many ways the easiest to demonstrate the economic arguments for. Taking place on 8 June 2016, Global Exhibitions Day...

WTF is Citizen Event?

The idea for Citizen Event is very simple: allow event professionals from all sectors of the event industry to network in an environment unencumbered by “content”, “presentation”, interactivity” or “pitches”;  no speakers, no forced match-making and absolutely no overt selling. Everything about Citizen Event is designed to be as informal and easy as possible. It always takes...