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The Dating Game

Simon Burton wrote for Exhibition Bulletin and Exhibiting Magazine during 2007 to 2008. We’ve selected a number of our favourite articles he wrote for you to read and enjoy.  I want to follow up on last month’s column about following up and I want to do it, given the time of year at which I write...


I guess that most of you have either just returned or are just about to go on holiday.  As the price of international travel has fallen we’re all travelling to increasingly exotic locations. Our ability to contrast our workaday lives with two weeks elsewhere in the world has never been greater, but for many of...


On several occasions in recent months I’ve been in situations where the definition of “event” and “exhibition” has been a lively topic of conversation. Actually I say “lively” because that’s what topics of conversation always are. I am only referring to work conversations; contrary to appearances on these pages I have a lively, active and...