Simon Says

Exposure Communications’ CEO, Simon Burton, has spoken at and chaired conferences around the globe. He regularly enthuses audiences with his energy and insight around issues face to face marketing, social media, entreprenuership and the challenges facing modern businesses. He has also been known to cite Shakespeare, Sartre and Homer Simpson during presentations and draws on an electic and entertaining array of sources to illustrate his point.

“Simon Burton is the passionate voice of the UK Event industry. 10 minutes in his company and you’ll believe in the awesome power of live events.” Exhibition News

“We had Simon presenting one of our webinars last week. It was an amazing conference, not only because of his charisma and creativity, but for his passion and great knowledge and vision on social media in the exhibition industry. I strongly recommend Simon as a great choice when delivering a conference.” Ana Maria Arango Medina, Executive Director AFIDA

“Simon is one of the most energetic and dedicated people you are likely to work with. His innovative and visionary approach to the event industry, has earned him the reputation of a thought leader in this sector. He’s also an inspiring and highly confident speaker and presents well to large audiences as well as straight to camera.” Peter Springett, Content Editor at Capco

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